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RLJ-1440 -- APRIL 20, 2014

Operating in the Spirit Realm
Part 11: Manna in the End Times


Living in the end times isn’t going to be easy. You must be saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit to complete this journey. Most Christians falsely believe they will be raptured before the reign of the Antichrist. They also believe the Man of Sin will only rule for seven years. These are man-made constructs inspired by Satan to deceive believers in Christ. Christians need to be prepared to live through the end times and the only way to survive this time period is to live in the supernatural power of God. This is not an untested theory as God kept and fed more than three million Israelites in the wilderness for a period of forty years. Water, food, clothing, healing and protection were all extended to them. All they had to do was believe and do what God told them to do. Jesus told us to seek after righteousness and the kingdom of God. We would do well to heed His words and look to God as our source. God hasn’t changed and He will supernaturally take care of us if we have to live through the reign of the Antichrist. Now is the time to challenge and stretch your faith.

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