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RLJ-1442 -- MAY 4, 2014

Operating in the Spirit Realm
Part 13: Thinking Supernaturally


God has provided spiritual weapons that we can use to slow down and destroy the advances of Satan’s kingdom. These are not traditional weapons like guns, missiles and artillery but supernatural weapons that are activated if the request lines up with the policies of God. The prophet Elijah called down fire from heaven to protect himself, and when ungodly children mocked Elisha, they were mauled by bears. There are numerous examples from the Bible when death and destruction were brought upon the enemies of God. The apostles James and John were offended and wanted to destroy the Samaritans but Jesus would not approve of their unholy request. Humans tend to avoid conflict but the time of the Antichrist is not something that can be evaded. On the other hand, God doesn’t expect His church to be helpless and disarmed during the Man of Sin’s reign. Are you operating in the supernatural? Don’t wait for the Antichrist to arrive before you begin living and working in the power of God. You can have a victorious life now. The choice is yours.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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