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RLJ-1459 -- AUGUST 31, 2014

Part 1: Jesus Revealed the Father


The men in the United States have been desensitized by the many wars of this country, and for many, it has left them emotionally destroyed and unable to cope with marriage and children. Your earthly father is supposed to be a conduit to the Heavenly Father, but if your soul has been damaged by the man who is supposed to model the Heavenly Father to you, what do you do? Jesus said that no one could come to God the Father except through Him. The disciples did not understand when Jesus said that that they had already seen the Father because they had seen Him. When Jesus walked on earth some 1,900 years ago, God the Father was in heaven and the Holy Spirit was the connection between them. Thus the Father has the capacity to divide Himself into three parts and operate in different locations, a feat which man cannot even come close to accomplishing. The Father created the universe in the form of Jesus; He also sent Himself in the form of Jesus to redeem mankind from the curse of sin. The Bible says that God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him and it is our hope that you are beginning to grasp who God the Father is and how you can develop a close relationship with Him on earth that will last for eternity.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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