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RLJ-1480 -- JANUARY 25, 2015

Part 3: The Snare of the Antichrist


Most Christians have a special love for the Jewish people because they are responsible for preserving the Old Testament and being in the lineage of Jesus. It is out of sentimentality that many Christians mix Judaism with their faith in Christ. The trend to integrate Jewish customs and holy days is actually an abomination because it negates the work that Jesus did on the cross. Christians will become ensnared when they adopt defunct feast days and rituals that have nothing to do with the Second Covenant. Believers in Christ that choose to participate in these First Covenant feast days are essentially turning their backs on Jesus. The First Covenant does not exist anymore and will never be revived and the purpose of the feast days was to point people to the Messiah. So when a Christian embraces Judaism, they are being conditioned to join the Jewish people in waiting for a false messiah that will save the Jews as a nation and set up the kingdom of Israel again. Jesus becomes less important and the focus is directed to the political state of Israel and the temple that will be rebuilt in Jerusalem. There must be a separation between Judaism and Christianity; it is impossible for them to exist together.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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