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RLJ-1488 -- MARCH 22, 2015

Part 1: The Four Gospels


At the end of the first century, there were a number of written accounts on the life of Jesus. When the second generation of Christian leaders met around 100 A.D., they carefully examined these accounts and only those that could be verified to have been written by an apostle or by an immediate disciple of an apostle were accepted as Holy Spirit inspired writings. The four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, document the words that Jesus spoke and the miracles that He carried out. It can be troubling that there are differences between the four accounts and it is necessary to know the background of the documents we are using to discover truths about our Savior. Cynics and charlatans will try to shake your faith in the validity of the Gospel accounts and sow doubt about the Bible being divinely inspired. Each writer worked at different times; when each man wrote their Gospel account, they were not aware what the other three men would be writing. It was the Holy Spirit that moved upon the four men to bring us a word picture of the life of Jesus, His mission and the goal for people to be born again. The simple truth is that the Bible is God's love letter to mankind and studying it enables us to have an intimate relationship with the God of Creation.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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