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RLJ-1491 -- APRIL 12, 2015

Part 4: Raising the Dead


If your church is not spiritually dead, it is possible to have witnessed a supernatural miracle or heard the testimony of someone who was healed from a sickness or injury. Jesus encountered a funeral procession on the way to the city of Nain, touched the corpse and supernatural power surged through that dead man’s body and brought him back to life. Jesus also heard that Lazarus was sick and purposely waited until he died before He decided to do something about it. Unlike the man from Nain, Lazarus had been in the grave for several days and his body was starting to decompose and stink. Resurrecting the dead was not limited exclusively to Jesus as Peter also was called to the house of a godly woman in Joppa that had passed away. Peter looked upon the body of Dorcas, commanded her to rise up, and same resurrection power surged through her body as she too came back to life. Jesus said the miracles that He did, we would do as well, and greater still. The ability to raise the dead is one of the gifts given to believers in Christ. Now Jesus never intended for us to visit every cemetery but we are to selectively raise people from the dead at the prompting of the Holy Spirit. The question remains, are you ready to utilize that resurrection power and bring someone back to life?

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