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RLJ-1499 -- JUNE 7, 2015

Part 2: The Great Deception


Every work of Satan is built upon a foundation of lies and deception and Christians are not immune. There are a lot of blissfully ignorant Christians who genuinely believe the current political state of Israel is a work of God. It was in fact the creation of the Devil and one day will be used as a centerpiece in the Antichrist system. To say otherwise would be a mockery of Jesus’ warning and call into question His divinity because God is never wrong. Another deception propagated in churches today is teaching that the reign of the Antichrist and the Great Tribulation are synonymous. This doesn’t make sense in light of the Scripture which says the Man of Sin will reign exactly for one hour. It is obvious that world domination cannot be accomplished in a single hour but the apostle Peter sheds light on the matter and tells us that one hour with God is 41.67 years on earth. The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years with supernatural help. The dictatorship of Adolf Hitler only lasted 12 years and controlled nearly every aspect of life. Do you think you can survive nearly 42 years of death and persecution without the Lord’s help? You need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and learn what it means to live in the supernatural if you hope to survive.

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