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RLJ-1504 -- JULY 12, 2015

Part 8: God's Best In Your Life


Anyone can profess their love, but true love is proven with action, and with Christians, it is born out of obedience to the commands of Jesus. You see, our Savior demands obedience from those who have been saved and are part of His church. Mankind loves rewards but there are consequences for Christians who do not obey the commandments of Jesus, because it negatively affects your rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Jesus judged the people in the Old Testament and held them responsible for their actions. With all the teaching about grace and love found in modern churches, our Savior doesn't have a different approach under the Second Covenant. Your life shouldn't be about how much you can sin before God's judgment falls on you, instead, your quest should be one of holiness and drawing nearer to Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus asked the people why they called Him "Lord" but deliberately chose to ignore His commands. Living a life of obedience is like building upon a solid foundation whereas disobedience is an unstable foundation that will cause whatever you build upon it to collapse.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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