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RLJ-1513 -- SEPTEMBER 13, 2015

Part 8: The Kabbalah & Judaism


It was King Solomon that took the ancient teaching of the Kabbalah and enhanced it with his corrupted wisdom. The result was a doctrine that is diametrically opposed to the Old Testament. He created a secret organization which was dedicated to bringing the "holy serpent" from the bottomless pit. This cabal of ungodly men had to swear allegiance to Lucifer and make a covenant with death and hell, just like the rituals of the different Masonic branches. God did not stand by idly but spoke against the Kabbalah through his prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel and John the Baptist. When Jesus came to earth, He also exposed the Kabbalistic organization and called them a "generation of vipers" and the "synagogue of Satan." He did not mince words when He said that anyone that converts to their faith is twice the child of hell. Most Christians know little to nothing about this ungodly organization and don't realize the deep inroads the Kabbalah had made into Judaism. This secret cabal of Luciferian men has existed for more than 3,000 years and they are responsible for laying the foundation for the coming Antichrist.

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