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RLJ-1514 -- SEPTEMBER 20, 2015

Part 9: The Road to Jerusalem


God scattered the Jewish people because they refused to obey His commandments and yet there is no doubt their continued survival is supernatural because God promised to keep a remnant who will be given a chance to receive salvation in the end times. In the meantime, the ungodly Kabbalists have certainly had a negative impact on the earth. The Fugger family rose to prominence and faded away. Satan infiltrated the synagogue system and Sabbatai Sevi convinced many that he was the messiah in 1666 and unsuccessfully tried to take over the world. Jacob Frank, Meyer Amschel and Adam Weishaupt would succeed where Sabbatai had failed. Frank fine-tuned the doctrine of the Kabbalah, Amschel formed a financial empire and Weishaupt created a secret political society. The fruit of their labor was war, unemployment and further destruction of morality. Theodor Herzl came up with a plan to seize control of Palestine and the rest is history. The political state of Israel was created in 1948 through murder and deception but that is not the way that God operates. Any reasonable person can deduce that those are the characteristics of the Devil and not of God.

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