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RLJ-1515 -- SEPTEMBER 27, 2015

Part 10: The Beast System


The world was in turmoil in the years following World War II. Much of the Europe's infrastructure was destroyed, the economies of the respective nations were in shambles and the Soviet Union proceeded to swallow up one eastern European country after another. China was in the midst of a civil war and there were colonial wars in India, Indochina and Indonesia. The infamous transfer of German scientists and rocket engineers known as "Operation Paperclip" was in full swing. The United Nations, The World Bank, The World Court, The International Monetary Fund and a global trade organization known as GATT sprang into existence. The secrets of the atomic bomb were stolen and given to the Soviet Union and Israel. The world was full of broken nations, starving people and a cumbersome communication network. The Kabbalistic leadership thrived on this chaos and continued preparing the world for their messiah. The Beast system is nearing completion and time is short. Don't be deceived when a charming man solves the world's problems and the nations of the world give up their sovereignty to this Son of Perdition.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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