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RLJ-1516 -- OCTOBER 4, 2015

Part 11: Jesus & Enoch


Enoch was Noah's great-great-grandfather and he was given supernatural revelations from the Lord concerning the coming Messiah. He was also an eyewitness to the mingling of fallen angels with human women and their evil hybrid offspring. When you read the sixth chapter of Genesis, part of the chapter is a direct quote from the first book of Enoch. His writings provide many details of life before the flood such as the fallen angels who took women and produced children, the origin of Baal worship and the introduction of advanced technology to mankind. Enoch was quoted by the apostles Peter and Jude in the New Testament and Jesus stated that the days just before the second coming of Christ would be the same as the days of Noah before the flood. Enoch was the seventh generation from Adam and his testimony is one of pleasing God. The information presented by this godly man is astonishing when you compare his version of events with what is happening today some 5,000 years later. It is our hope that your understanding of the Bible is broadened by this message and that you will exercise discernment concerning the end times.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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