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RLJ-1517 -- OCTOBER 11, 2015

Part 12: Satan's Ace in the Hole


The UFO crash in the desert just outside the city of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 was perhaps the greatest event of the century because it radically advanced humanity’s technology. Fiber optics, Kevlar, lasers, night vision and the integrated circuit chip are just some of the technological innovations that catapulted the knowledge of mankind and made the stuff of science fiction come true. There would be no space program, smart phones, personal computers, internet, GPS systems, flat screen televisions or any other technology we have today without this Luciferian advancement. Satan didn’t do this because he was benevolent but because he wants to control humanity in a way that has not been duplicated since the time before Noah’s flood. The Devil needs a way to control people in place in order to establish the Antichrist system with a world government led by the Man of Sin. World banking and trade have been secured and the only remaining hurdle is for all nations to voluntarily give up their sovereignty and become provinces in this new World Federation. Jesus warned us that the second coming would be just like it was in the days of Noah. Time is growing short. What are you doing for the kingdom of God?

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