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RLJ-1519 -- OCTOBER 25, 2015

Part 14: The Devil's Messiah


The life of Jesus of Nazareth is hotly debated within Jewish circles. Christians view Him as the Messiah but there is a much different version recounted in Jewish history books. To them, Jesus was simply a misguided individual who unsuccessfully tried to become the king of the Jews and was punished for this political crime with death on a cross. The vitriolic hate found in the Talmud toward Jesus and His followers is astounding! Then there are Christian Zionists who refuse to share the Gospel with Jews because they erroneously believe that God has a different plan for them. But it is impossible to reconcile Christianity with Zionism. You simply can’t be loyal to Jesus and be a Zionist because the Kabbalistic leadership and a large number of Jews are waiting for a false messiah. This counterfeit messiah will display supernatural power and rule the world from Jerusalem. Whether you call him the Antichrist, the Son of Perdition, the Man of Sin or the Beast, one thing is for certain, this man will be the Devil’s messiah! He will mimic the real Messiah and the fate of those who take his mark of loyalty is eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire. The stakes are high and it is necessary to walk in the truth.

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