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RLJ-1537 -- FEBRUARY 28, 2016

Part 16: Antichrist Secrets Revealed


The Antichrist will set up his kingdom before Jesus' second return. He will not conquer a nation and wage war to set up a world government. On the contrary, there will be so much chaos that the Man of Sin will be mandated by the all the sovereign nations of the world to take control and solve the global crisis. He will make Jerusalem his capitol and stand in the rebuilt temple and declare he is god. Then he will consolidate his power by introducing a mark of loyalty so that no one can buy or sell without it. The apostle John told us that Son of Perdition is going to rule for one hour. Now it is obvious that this is not regular time because no one can take control and rule the earth in a single hour. John’s hour was a heavenly one that needs to be converted to earthly time and the apostle Peter provided the conversion table when he stated that one day or 24 hours with the Lord is like a thousand years. This means that the Antichrist will rule for 41.67 years, a much longer period than the seven year period espoused by many. God has revealed this information to show He is in control and so that you aren’t confused about the Antichrist and his actions in the end times.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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