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RLJ-1544 -- APRIL 17, 2016

Part 5: Morality 101


Have you ever considered the fact that morality is not taught in public schools? The secular school system teaches reading, writing and arithmetic because these skills are necessary in the workplace but the humanistic people in charge of schools don't want to teach the next generation about godly values. Instead, students are taught a perverted form of morality which encourages fornication, Christianity is excluded while other religions are freely examined and homosexuality with transgenderism being promoted as legitimate lifestyles that need to be accepted. Someone once said, "When you send your kids to Caesar, don't be surprised when they start acting like Romans." God expects us to live a holy life filled with morality but good works alone won't save you. There needs to be a radical transformation that takes place when you are born again. The Holy Spirit will become involved in your life and you will acquire a love for the Bible, knowing truth and developing godly characteristics. It is important for Christians to be light in a dark world and to exemplify honor, integrity and decency. There is no limit with God as you learn and grow. How far will you choose to go?

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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