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RLJ-1547 -- MAY 8, 2016

Part 8: Forfeiting Your Life 101


The prohibition on murder in the sixth commandment was given to individuals but capital punishment has been in practice since the days of Noah's flood. Dictators have abused it to consolidate their hold on power and the Jewish leadership used it to execute Jesus even though He was innocent. God provided a detailed system of laws to Moses governing the death penalty. This means that if your home is invaded or you and your family members are threatened, you have the spiritual and legal right to defend yourself. Abraham and David attacked and killed the marauders who kidnapped their respective families. There isn't any place in the Bible where it says you have to submit to a person who is trying to murder you. When Jesus arrived on the scene, He expanded on this commandment by stating that slander and the destruction of a person's reputation was like spiritual murder. Slander, backbiting and gossip are created by the tongue and lead to murder, war and destruction. The only remedy is repentance and being properly educated about God's laws. The good news is that there is no limit with God as you learn and grow. How far will you choose to go?

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