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RLJ-1548 -- MAY 15, 2016

Part 9: Adultery 101


God doesn’t want to you to become sexually involved with anyone other than your spouse. Sexual intercourse between a husband and wife is good thing but God considered adultery to be such a severe breach of the law that He instituted a death sentence upon anyone who sinned in this manner. The family is the building block in a nation and God did not want Israel weakened in this way because adultery is spiritual suicide. King Solomon was a wise man and yet he was seduced by the sin he knew to be wrong. Pornography in the days of Jesus consisted of paintings, statues and scantily clad women but our Savior knew there would be a whole new level of lust in the future and this is why He extended the law governing adultery and said it was possible to lust after a woman in your mind, the same as committing the very act. Jesus referred to Himself as the groom and the church as the bride. So when you choose to sin, you are committing spiritual adultery with the Devil. God is jealous and doesn’t want to share you with Satan. There is no limit with God as you learn and grow. How far will you choose to go?

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