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RLJ-1550 -- MAY 29, 2016

Part 11: Truth 101


Lying is one of the seven abominations listed in the Bible. God wants you to be honest in every situation because truth is the cornerstone in God's creation. Without it there would be no spiritual or physical laws. Imagine trying to solve a mathematical equation with false data, it would be impossible to solve the problem. Jesus declared that He was the embodiment of truth. The apostle John said that God is light and there is no darkness found in Him. In fact, it is impossible to have any kind of meaningful relationship without truth because a lie will simply tear it asunder. This is also true when you testify in court, when you slander a person or are dishonest in business. It is difficult to repair a relationship damaged by lies. Lying is a common habit for most people and it's something that Christians even do subconsciously. Are you willing to turn the spotlight on your life and expose any hidden lies that may exist? A murderer will kill you and thief will steal from you but you never know where you stand with a liar. This is why lies are like cancer. They must be rooted out and the only remedy is repentance. The good news is that there is no limit with God as you learn and grow. How far will you choose to go?

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