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RLJ-1552 -- JUNE 12, 2016

Part 13: Coveting 201


Lucifer was a beautiful angel before he sinned and today he wants to conceal his existence and that of his fallen angels. Charles Darwin came up with the evolutionary theory which essentially negates the spiritual realm. Darwinís theory cannot be proven with empirical evidence; instead, it is a philosophical development fits the Devilís plan for a world government which will be ruled by a man whom the Bible calls the Antichrist. Coveting is a breeding ground for greed and this is what happened with Lucifer as he desired Godís position and didnít want to be subservient any longer. That was the original sin. He rebelled against God and the ensuing war reached across the entire universe and culminated with Luciferís defeat on earth. This is Satanís shameful past and what he desperately wants to conceal from mankind. He is a loser with a future in the Lake of Fire. This is why he wants to hide his existence and work from the shadows. This ancient story predates Adam and Eve and the evolutionary lies are designed to conceal the Luciferís existence. The good news is that there is no limit with God as you learn and grow. How far will you choose to go?

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