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RLJ-1553 -- JUNE 19, 2016

Clinton vs. Trump


America is standing at the crossroads with the upcoming presidential election. Hillary Clinton is a modern Queen Jezebel in the way she promotes ungodliness, wants to remove Christianity from all government agencies and stack the Supreme Court with justices that will legislate immorality from the bench. She is not walking with the Lord and only promotes evil. Donald Trump on the other hand seemingly wants to uphold the constitution, restore Christian values and stem the flow of illegal immigrants. Trump is not a perfect man but he has said that he wants to do certain things that are right. Satan hates this nation and is diligently working to enslave the American people under a World Government. There is virtually no difference between the Democratic and Republican parties and many people are attracted to Trump’s message of putting America first. The Bible tells us that governments are instituted by God and that the people rejoice when the righteous are in power. This nation was founded by men and women who were deeply committed to the Lord Jesus Christ. America will be destroyed if we don’t fervently pray and stand in the gap with our votes since we are the last generation that knows the Lord. Are you willing to do your part?

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