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RLJ-1558 -- JULY 24, 2016

Part 18: Faith 101


Every Christian wants more faith but few understand how obtain it. The Bible describes faith as something which is invisible and undetectable to our senses. Faith in a sense is a trust issue. As in, do I trust God to be there for me when I need Him? Lazarus was sick and Mary and Martha watched their brother die. They thought that Jesus had arrived too late but their faith grew when He showed them death was no match for the Son of God. Jesus showed it was just as easy to resurrect the dead as it was to heal the sick. Then there was a leper who was an outcast and a Roman centurion whose servant was sick. They desperately needed miracles and Jesus responded to their faith. Jesus marveled at the Roman officer’s strong faith and this is something for which you should strive as well because it will remove any obstacle. Faith is a spiritual substance that will materialize in your life when you are willing to step into the unknown, believing that God will be there to handle any situation that might arise. The good news is that there is no limit with God as you learn and grow. How far will you choose to go?

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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