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RLJ-1566 -- SEPTEMBER 25, 2016

Part 1: Pre-Adamic History


God created the angels long before the universe came into existence. The earth was populated by some type of people before mankind and there were cities, nations, commerce and war. The earth was Lucifer's planet but he did not rule it well. He started an angelic space war that stretched across the universe and left the earth destroyed afterwards. In the subsequent trial, Lucifer and the fallen angels were sentenced to the Lake of Fire. Lucifer appealed his punishment and questioned how a loving God could condemn him with such a harsh verdict. God responded by granting a stay of execution and placed Adam and Eve on the earth. Humanity came into existence to show the angels that a created being with a free will can reject God and choose to sin. It is not God's fault when that happens. That is the essence of free will. The blame lies with us when we reject God. Most people have no clue as to why they were born and what happens after death. They don't know that a fallen angel named Lucifer has targeted them and he hates mankind because we are made in the image of God.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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