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RLJ-1583 -- JANUARY 22, 2017

Part 12:  Struggle Against Sin


Paul spoke about the Law of Death that was introduced to Adam and the Laws given to Moses, but if you don't know which one he is referring to, the references in the seventh chapter will certainly confuse you. Paul described our relationship to the Law of Death and the Torah, and in describing our freedom from death, he used the illustration of a married woman. As long as the husband is alive, the wife is bound to him, but when the husband dies, the woman is free to marry someone else. Jesus paid for the sins of mankind on the cross and made it possible for humanity to be set free from the Law of Death. That doesn't mean the Law of Moses is set aside because it also creates an awareness of sin and it is the schoolmaster which brings us to Christ. Paul also spoke about the battle that takes place in each person. Everyone has to deal with sin; it is a daily struggle that must be overcome by the born again spirit because the soul and physical body only want to indulge their selfish desires. The law is good but we don't keep it to be saved. We need to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. That is the only way to be set free from this struggle.

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