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RLJ-1587 -- FEBRUARY 19, 2017

Part 16: Will The Real Jew Stand Up


The apostle Paul was grieved that the people of Israel had rejected Jesus as the Messiah and this led to an interesting question. Who are the real Israelites? Paul wasn't just talking about the blood descendants. Being able to trace your lineage from Abraham doesn't automatically make you a child of God in the New Testament. Rahab the harlot, Ruth the Moabite and Uriah the Hittite were three prominent Gentiles that were grafted into the First Covenant and received the same promise as the Israelites of a Messiah that would one day redeem them from their sins. Ruth was even included in the lineage of Jesus. Then there is the strange case of the Khazar Empire, in which an entire Gentile nation embraced Judaism in 700 A.D. and became known as the 13th tribe. However, the First Covenant ceased to exist at the moment Jesus died on the cross and Judaism is just a failed religious system that has been rejected by God and brings it adherents to hell. So where does that leave us? According to the Bible, there are many who say they are Jews and are not, but are in fact the synagogue of Satan. It comes down to one thing. You must be born again!

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