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RLJ-1591 -- MARCH 19, 2017

Part 20: Ignorance vs. Stupidity


More than 2,000 years ago the leadership of Israel and the majority of the people saw and heard Jesus and still made the choice to reject Him despite the numerous miracles they had witnessed. The long awaited Messiah was crucified and the apostle Paul was heartbroken and rhetorically asked whether God would cast away His people. No, but God has emotions just like us. Various passages of Scripture show that God can be jealous, angry, merciful and loving. When it comes to certain events like Noah's flood and entering the Promised Land under the leadership of Joshua, God only worked with a remnant each time. This decision was based upon grace even though the people were rebellious and full of unbelief. God has not cast away the people He foreknew because He looked into the future and saw each decision we would make. That is essence of election or predestination. Every human being has been provided with a free will and must choose whether or not they will serve the Lord. Paul said that God is using the stumbling of Israel to bring the Gospel to the Gentiles in the hope that it will provoke them to jealousy and they will return to the God of their fathers.

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