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RLJ-1592 -- MARCH 26, 2017

Part 21: Jews vs. Gentiles


The relationship between the Jews and Gentiles at the time of Christ was tenuous. Paul spoke of the first fruit of the fledgling Christian church consisting of Jews. The root of the church was Jesus. Gentiles were being grafted in because of their faith in Jesus but Paul wanted to make sure there was no place for Gentiles to boast over their salvation while the Jews were being cast away because of their unbelief. Paul also stated that all of Israel would be saved and this has produced a lot of confusion as to whether God has a special plan for the Israelites. Fortunately, clarification is found in the writings of Isaiah, Ezekiel and Zechariah that God will supernaturally gather a remnant, bring them back to the Promised Land and open their eyes so they understand that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel. This will take place toward the end of the Antichrist’s reign. This is good news and bad news, as all the Israelites who rejected Jesus up to this point are the enemy of God, but because of the promise to Abraham, the Lord is going to reach out to a remnant. Gentiles should not boast over what is happening to the Israelites; instead, we should be thankful, humble, loving and praying for their salvation.

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