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RLJ-1594 -- APRIL 9, 2017



Mohammad as a young boy and traveled with his uncle and spent time with Christian monks in Lebanon and learned about Judaism in Jerusalem. He married a wealthy widow and this gave him the freedom to ponder spiritual matters. He was commissioned by angel to start preaching a special message which became known as the Koran. Muslim armies swept out in every direction and used the sword to conquer much of the world for 1,000 years. Jesus is respected as a prophet in Islam but nothing more. Infidels have no value and should be exterminated. Jihad is the duty of all Muslims. There are all sorts of rules and any kind of infraction is punishable by violence or death. Women have no value and are treated as property. Non-Muslim women captured in war can be used as sex slaves; in fact, the rape of infidel women is completely acceptable. Finally, there is no set salvation plan; a Muslim makes it to heaven by keeping all the commandments of Mohammad and the mullahs. Islam has the same negative characteristics of the Devil. As Muslim refugees infiltrate the western nations, Christians need to speak out against this evil religion.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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