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RLJ-1597 -- APRIL 30, 2017

Part 25: Christian Conduct


This week we continued to examine Paul’s brilliant one-liners about personal attitudes and our behavior toward others. Christians should interact and sympathize with everyone. This means that when someone is happy, we rejoice with them, and when someone is grieving, you also provide comfort as they work it out. We should strive to be in agreement with other Christians. Can you imagine how the world would be better if there was unity and denominations came to an end? We should also never look down upon other people. A deeply committed Christian is never proud and condescending. Likewise we should never take revenge and rejoice in the pain experienced by others. Unless you’re a protégé of the Devil, this type of behavior is simply not condoned. If Jesus is your Lord and Savior, then you should strive to eliminate any kind of deceit in your life. Don’t be contentious and create strife; be peaceful and a good neighbor. Finally, love your enemy and reach out to them. In doing so, you will shame them and it is like heaping hot coals on their head. God is light and love and we should strive to be Christ-like during our time on earth.

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