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RLJ-1600 -- MAY 21, 2017

Part 28: Vegans vs. Meat Eaters


Christians should treat one another with love and respect. The church in Rome consisted of former pagans that held to a vegetarian diet. This caused much strife within the church and Paul stated that meat eaters should not disdain the vegetarians as weak in the faith, but accept them as equal brothers and sisters in the Lord. The Pharisees followed the Talmud and taught the people it was sinful to eat without washing their hands. Jesus refuted their claim by stating that the words you choose to speak are what defile you because they originate from your soul. The Pharisees falsely believed they could lie, cheat and steal, as long as they kept their Talmudic rituals. Paul said the animal kingdom is not sinful, but if you believe otherwise, then it is indeed sinful. Your personal faith should be just that -- personal. Jesus made it clear that before you try to remove a speck from another man's eye, remove the log from your eye first. Live your life according to what the Bible teaches and don't impose your rules and regulations on other Christians. The flip side is that you should also not compromise God's Word in order to please other people.

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