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RLJ-1612 -- AUGUST 13, 2017

Part 8: Jesus & Jerusalem


God loves humanity regardless of gender, race, nationality and skin color. So it's a big turn off when the Talmud refers to Gentiles as cattle and effectively renders them subhuman. That kind of discrimination invokes anger but the truth is that God is not a respecter of persons and loves everyone equally. The only thing that matters to Him is whether you are born again. The Israelites are a people group that originated from a Chaldean named Abraham. They played a central role for the rest of the world in preserving the Word of God and having the Messiah come from their bloodline. God revealed to the Old Testament prophets that a remnant would brought back to the Promised Land during the 1,000 Year Kingdom. He will open their eyes and they will realize that Jesus is the Messiah and be born again. The earth will be restored to the same condition it was before Adam and Eve sinned, Satan will be bound for the 1,000 years, sin will no longer exist, Jerusalem will be called "the city of joy," and it will be heaven on earth as Jesus governs the planet for a millennium. This is the great future revealed by God and it gets even better when we enter heaven and the second creation.

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