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RLJ-1613 -- AUGUST 20, 2017

Part 9: Prayer of Desperation


The Assyrian empire was at its peak when Sennacherib decided to attack King Hezekiah and destroy what remained of Israel. Hezekiah was walking with the Lord but he was still not sure that God would save them and he offered Sennacherib tribute in a failed attempt to avoid war. Finally, in desperation, he asked Isaiah to intercede after General Rabshakeh laid siege to Jerusalem. This crafty man filled the Israelites with fear when he told them that the Lord had commissioned the Assyrians to destroy Jerusalem. Yet prayer is a game changer as Hezekiah went to the Lord and God responded to his faith. The Lord sent an angel and 165,000 soldiers were slain in a single night and Sennacherib was robbed of victory. It has been said that prayer is the key to heaven but faith unlocks the door. Hezekiah sought the Lord and watched as God defended Jerusalem. What did the Devil do for Sennacherib? He returned to Nineveh and was assassinated in the temple of his false god. What’s the lesson to be learned? There is no crisis in heaven; God has a solution to every problem, and if we are willing to trust the Lord, He will certainly take care of us!

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