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RLJ-1618 -- SEPTEMBER 24, 2017

Part 13: Curses Are Real


Elisha cursed the children who mocked him at Bethel. Moab was the incestuous son of Lot, and his descendants were cursed when they turned their backs on the Israelites coming from Egypt and also later hired Balaam to curse them. Jesus cursed a fig tree. In all three instances, the effect of the curse was deadly. Forty-two children were mauled and killed by two bears, Moab was wiped out by a three pronged invasion, and the fig tree was dried up from the roots the next day. God firmly established Elisha as a prophet when the people of Jericho came to him for help with their drinking water. It was not the salt, but the power of God that cured the water. Later the armies of Jehoram and Jehoshaphat ran out of water when they set out to invade Moab through the wilderness of Edom. Elisha instructed them to fill the valley with ditches and God supernaturally supplied the water. The Moabites thought the water looked like blood and walked into a trap of God's making that culminated in their death and destruction. God has a spiritual law of sowing and reaping. Most Christians have not understood that curses are real and bad things happen when God puts a curse on a person or a nation.

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