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RLJ-1619 -- OCTOBER 1, 2017

Part 14: Cursed by God


God has created physical laws and spiritual laws. Gravity is an example of a physical law. A curse is an example of spiritual law which brings destruction. The definition of a biblical curse is God speaking negatively and the result is the absence of a blessing. Whatever is cursed withers and eventually dies. God warned about a curse immediately after he finished the creation of Adam. The curse is known as the Law of Death. Adam and Eve, the serpent and even the earth were all cursed after the fall of mankind. These curses spoken by God in the Garden of Eden not only apply to you, but also your offspring, up to the fourth generation. Humanity is condemned to die because of Adam's transgression but Jesus Christ has offered eternal life through his death and resurrection. Jesus became a curse on the cross so you and I could be set free. Curses can be nullified while on earth, but it is up to each Christian to believe and appropriate God's blessings because they do not come automatically. Jesus has commissioned us to tell world the good news that the Law of Death has been conquered, sickness can be cured, demons can be cast out, the blind can receive their sight, the lame can walk and the dead can be raised!

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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