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RLJ-1620 -- OCTOBER 8, 2017

Charles M. Thorell


Like a blueprint for a building, God saw you before you were created. Everything that God made was perfect but sin separated us from our Creator. In order for God to be our source, it is necessary to get reacquainted with Him. Following instruction is a huge part of growing spiritually and God doesn't expect you become a spiritual giant overnight but He will create situations where you must depend upon Him. You won't get out of this difficult spot until you begin to communicate with the Lord and He provides you with the solution. While God can use other human beings and organizations to help you, He doesn't want you to become dependent upon them to sustain you. God wants you to rely upon Him as your source. People will come and go in your life but God will never fail you because He is building a spiritual house made up of believers on this earth. Go directly to Him when you need help. Christianity is about being authentic; it won't always be easy to deal with life's problems, but if you follow Jesus, you will certainly grow in faith. Love the Lord without reservation and trust Him with every detail of your life because He doesn't want to share you with the Devil. Be who God designed you to be and you will never be disappointed!

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