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RLJ-1621 -- OCTOBER 15, 2017

Charles M. Thorell


God is working on the earth according to a plan devised long before the creation took place and He has a specific plan for every human being that fits with His master plan. All the events in your life happen according to God's will. Nothing happens by chance and anything you do was foreseen by God. That is the essence of predestination, yet you still have a free will to make choices, it's just that God always knows what you're going to do because He is omniscient and omnipotent. God wants you to be the praise of His glory, but in order for that to happen, you must first accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Many people miss this objective and live a sinful life that takes them to hell and later the Lake of Fire. Unless you are in the Kingdom of God, it is impossible to be part of God's plan because you won't share His values. Love is what motivated God to set up the salvation plan long before the creation, but you can't love God in return if you are spiritually dead, hence the need to be born again. The baptism of the Holy Spirit follows salvation and it was so important that Jesus told His followers not to leave Jerusalem without it. Jesus wants us to operate with supernatural power because that's part of His plan for the New Testament church.

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