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RLJ-1624 -- NOVEMBER 5, 2017

Part 2: God's Assurance Program


Insurance is an arrangement by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium. In other words, it is something that provides protection against a possible eventuality. God on the other hand has an assurance program that is pre-paid and costs you nothing. It is made possible by Jesus' death on the cross. Unlike insurance, there are no limits as to how many claims you can file, nor is there any dollar cap on each claim. It truly is a unique plan with extraordinary benefits. The only prerequisite to enrolling is to make Jesus your Lord and Savior. You are also granted membership to a group that is collectively known as "the church." Now, God's assurance program has benefits and obligations just like insurance policies but most Christians don't take the obligations seriously. This can lead to lead to sickness, loss of income and other negative events. Christians who fail to take this warning seriously simply don't understand the cost of disobedience. Heaven is going to be nice, but you also want to make sure that you can utilize your salvation benefits on earth by living according to God's commandments.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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