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RLJ-1625 -- NOVEMBER 12, 2017

Part 3: Benefits from Obedience


The New Testament is full of God's love for humanity, but there is also an abundance of scriptures that tell of His justice as well. God will forgive anyone who repents, but, and this is a big point, there are still consequences for sin. The creation in which we live is based upon an elaborate system of physical and spiritual laws that were codified before the creation began. King David lusted after Uriah's wife and had him murdered after Bathsheba became pregnant. The baby from this adulterous act was not allowed to live and God said that "the sword" would always be in David's bloodline. Paul and Barnabas got into an argument over whether Mark should accompany them on a second mission trip. They got so angry with one another that they went their separate ways even though God had called them to work together as a team. The physical and spiritual laws of God are relevant today. If you choose to disregard them, there are unavoidable consequences. It is important to stress the importance of obedience. You can only obtain God's blessings when you are obedient to His physical and spiritual laws.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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