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RLJ-1626 -- NOVEMBER 19, 2017

Part 4: Biblical View of Man


The theory of evolution would have you believe that a big bang created life and mankind descended from apes. With a stroke of the pen, Charles Darwin proposed that the Biblical account of creation was a lie and mankind is merely an evolved animal. Evolution destroys the deity of God and relegates His omnipotence to mere chance. Yet there is more to it than just living and dying. Adam and Eve were created triune just like God. We have a soul and spirit in addition to our physical body, but it cannot inherit eternal life and must be left on earth when it dies. The soul is the real you. The physical body is simply a vehicle for your soul to use during your time on earth. All your emotions, intelligence, talents, skills and personality are located in the soul. When the soul is saved, happy and content, the physical body will work flawlessly according to the design of our Creator. A car by itself does not have a personality; it takes on the behavior of the driver and so a car will be judged by its driver. In much the same way, the soul controls the body. The third component is the spirit, which makes it possible for mankind to communicate with God and this is the part of you that is born again.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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