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RLJ-1627 -- NOVEMBER 26, 2017

Part 5: The Silver Cord


A secular education teaches that you are nothing more than a physical body and that the brain contains all your talents. In contrast, the Bible teaches that in addition to the body, we also have a soul and spirit. We are triune just like God and there is a silver cord which acts as a bridge from the physical world to the spirit world. People in the occult are aware of this concept to have out-of-body experiences. The soul is the real person which lives and operates within the physical body. Self-awareness, thinking, communication and emotions all originate within the spirit world. The soul brain of a man is the bridge from the spirit world to the physical world. The emotions we experience manifest as spiritual energy which then flows into the physical body. Demons can use negative emotions to increase your heart rate, create too much acid in the stomach, cause skin disorders, strokes and immune system disturbances. If you are what you eat, then it is also true that you are on the outside what you are on the inside. Jesus affirmed this truth when He said that the physical body merely expresses what the soul is feeling. So don't let jealousy, hate, worry, guilt, fear, unforgiveness and other negative emotions ruin your life.

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