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RLJ-1629 -- DECEMBER 10, 2017

Part 7: Sickness as a Judgment


God warned the Israelites that they could be blessed or cursed and that He never wanted them second guessing what He was going to do. Miriam quickly learned this truth when she verbally attacked Moses and was punished with leprosy. King David learned about consequences when God killed his son stemming from the adulterous affair with Bathsheba. Gehazi let greed get the best of him, and it not only cost him his health, but his bloodline was forever cursed. Food is an important part of health, but what happens when you eat harmful things? According to God, eating banned foods will bring sickness and that is certainly part of the reason why so many people are sick today. Satan was able to appeal to Eve's emotions in the Garden of Eden and she was possessed by the Devil once she ate the forbidden fruit and seduced Adam to sin as well. Emotions are the gateway used by Satan to seduce and afflict human beings and evil spirits have become masters at using our emotions to manipulate us into making poor decisions. Since they never die, evil spirits have accumulated an amazing amount of knowledge which is used to profile their targets, allowing them to perfect their infiltration and attacks on mankind.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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