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RLJ-1630 -- DECEMBER 17, 2017

Part 8: Repentance and Healing


The people of Israel struggled with obedience to the Lord and He allowed them to be conquered and carried away. When Ezra and the remnant left Babylon after 70 years of captivity, he realized that this was not a project that could be handled in the flesh. He needed divine guidance from the Lord and had everyone stop so they could fast and repent. There are no shortcuts in the Kingdom of God. King David could not be forgiven and restored until he first asked for forgiveness and repented of his transgressions. Fasting and repenting is much more than an emotional response to sin; it is a way of identifying the sin and renouncing it, but all this is an exercise in futility unless there is a willingness to correct your sinful actions and seek forgiveness. God told King Solomon that if the Israelites humbled themselves and repented, the Lord would respond in turn. In other words, God’s response was predicated upon mankind’s action. There is a place of rest that God has prepared for all who are seek and give forgiveness and repent. It is a place of refuge and incredible peace in the midst of turmoil regardless of where you are in life.

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