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RLJ-1632 -- DECEMBER 31, 2017

Part 9: Foods That Kill


God's original plan called for mankind to be vegetarians. That all changed when Adam and Eve sinned; as a result, Jesus adjusted the diet for humanity and provided instructions to determine what animals, birds and fish are clean from toxins and should be eaten. While He did not specifically mention germs and viruses, God told the Israelites to keep their cookware, utensils and clothing clean. History reveals devastating epidemics in which millions were killed when humanity failed to adhere to God's command concerning hygiene. Food is an important part of our lives because it provides sustenance but it can also make you sick. Processed foods today are made with genetically modified plants, inexpensive oils, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavor enhancers, and other chemicals. Unless you're cooking from scratch, eating processed foods is like playing Russian roulette with your health. On the other hand, eating the right kinds of foods can make your body last longer and extend your time on earth. Isn't that what it is all about? Be careful what you eat or you will go to heaven earlier than expected. God has given you the choice of how to live and die. Make decisions that are good for your body!

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