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RLJ-1636 -- JANUARY 28, 2018

Part 4: The Rise of the Antichrist


The prophet Daniel received detailed information about the future. When you combine his prophecy with what Jesus, John and Paul stated, it is obvious that the future ruler that Daniel was referring to can only be the Antichrist. This Man of Sin will reveal his true nature by attacking God, worshiping the Kabbalistic god, which is Lucifer, and be a homosexual. Jerusalem will be his capitol and he will stand in the rebuilt temple and declare he is god. Jesus told us that the Devil will be worshiped by the Antichrist and that Satanism will flourish and be the religion of this global empire. Everyone assumes that the time of the Antichrist is sometime in the future but it is much closer than you think. You need only examine the churches and schools in your community. Christian Zionist's rabidly protect Israel, oblivious to the fact they are defending the cradle of the counterfeit messiah, and public schools have become a cesspool with the removal of the Bible, prayer and the promotion of Evolution. The apostle John told us to "try the spirits" to see if they are of God. Anything that does not profess Jesus Christ is the "spirit of error" and should be shunned.

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