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RLJ-1642 -- MARCH 11, 2018

Charles M. Thorell


Mankind has a way of measuring time on earth but God has a completely different way of measuring time in heaven. The prophet Daniel was told of future events that would happen in a time, times and a half. Even with the revelations we have received, we still don't have a way to convert that eternity time into something we can understand. The apostle Peter stated that a thousand years is like one day and one day is like a thousand years. With Peter's revelation, we can convert God's timetable into something we can understand. One hour with God is 41.67 years for man, 1 minute with God is 8 months and 8 days for man, and 1 second with God is 3 days and 22 hours for man. Every action by God is being carried out according to "eternal time," not "earthly time." King Saul was instructed by Samuel to wait at Gilgal and the prophet would arrive at the end of seven days. Saul's army was vastly outnumbered and he panicked when his soldiers began to desert. He tried to force the hand of God by offering the sacrifice himself and lost his kingship in the process. God is on the throne and there is never a crisis in heaven. Patience requires learning to wait upon the Lord and trusting Him regardless of the circumstances. God is never late or early; He is always on time.

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