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RLJ-1643 -- MARCH 18, 2018

Part 6: God's Word is Eternal


The Holy Spirit inspired men to record what God had said and done, since most people can't read or write Hebrew and Greek, this was translated for us. The various accounts of families, marriages, battles, personal victories and moral failures have all been preserved by the Lord. Nothing should be marginalized as every word is important, preserved for the express purpose of sharing this information with us. At the same time, Satan also moved upon men to mistranslate the Bible to fit a certain doctrines. Roman Catholicism is one such example. Yet the Word of God is eternal. It is therefore essential to examine each word and sentence to discern what God stated thousands of years ago and how it still applies today. Jesus wanted to make sure the Bible was protected, and the last thing He did was to warn people about adding or subtracting from the Word of God. Adding to Scripture will lead to sickness, while subtracting Scripture will result in a loss of salvation and sentence the offender to the Lake of Fire. God is serious about the reliability and integrity of the Bible and He wants you to esteem it as the Word of God.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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