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RLJ-1658 -- JULY 1, 2018

Part 8: Fake Repentance


The people of Judah were married to the Lord, but they had turned to the Devil instead. They were steeped in idolatry but God was willing to take them back if they repented. God had divorced Himself from the northern kingdom when He allowed them to be conquered and carried away into captivity, but her treacherous sister (Judah) had no fear of God and continued whoring while she pretended to repent. God told Jeremiah about a restoration that would take place sometime in the future when the ten northern tribes will be reunited with Judah and Benjamin. Jerusalem would be restored and become the capitol of God and all the nations of the world will worship there. Jesus is coming back some day to set up His kingdom, but in the meantime, people are dying and ending up in hell simply because they were not born again. Hundreds of millions of Israelites chose poorly and died in their sins; they are now awaiting a shameful resurrection at the Great White Throne Judgment along with anyone else who rejected God. When will the Christian church wake up and make the Gospel a priority? What a shame that so many people have perished!

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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