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RLJ-1662 -- JULY 29, 2018

Part 12: Trusting in Lies


When God commissioned Solomon to build the temple in Jerusalem, it was to replace the tabernacle used by Moses after the Israelites left Egypt. The temple complex was a magnificent set of buildings and the people of Judah thought that God was sentimental to the point that He would never allow Jerusalem or the temple to be destroyed. God told the people not to trust in lying words, judgment was coming, and repentance was the only thing that would save them. The Lord tried to reason with the people and reminded them what He had done in other places. They completely failed to realize the gravity of the situation and how they were about to be evicted from the Promised Land. God was sick of their pagan worship and sacrificing their children to Moloch, so much so that He would send Babylon to desecrate and dig up all the bones of kings and the other noble men of Judah and spread them like dung in the countryside. But worst of all, the Lord would send a perpetual judgment from generation to generation since the people of Judah stubbornly clung to the demon gods they chose to worship.

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