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RLJ-1665 -- AUGUST 19, 2018

Part 1: Why Was Mankind Created?


God created the angels and among them was a cherub named Lucifer who ruled the earth for an unknown period of time. Angels were sent throughout the universe to establish civilizations and the creation became a beehive of activity. There was peace, harmony and worship of God for a time until Lucifer became discontent and decided to rebel and dethrone God. This led to a devastating war that raged throughout the entire universe. God's angelic forces prevailed and Lucifer's last stand took place on the planet earth. The result was that the surface of the earth was destroyed. In the trial that followed, Lucifer and his fallen angels were sentenced to the Lake of Fire. Lucifer objected and accused God of being unrighteous. Such a challenge could not go unanswered and God responded by creating mankind to prove His righteousness. The courts have a judge, jury, prosecutor and defender. Jesus is our defender and Satan is the prosecutor. The jury consists of all the angels, the saved people in heaven and all unsaved people in hell. Those of us living on earth are the witnesses in this unfolding drama.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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