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RLJ-1668 -- SEPTEMBER 9, 2018

Part 3: Events Before the Flood


Cain and Abel were taught by Adam about the need to bring sacrifices before the Lord. This was part of the redemption plan for mankind and Lucifer decided to contaminate the purity of humanity in an effort to force God to include the fallen angels as well. This is why Genesis chapter six says that fallen angels procreated with human women to create a hybrid race with no soul. Moses, Peter and Jude were all aware of this account and each of them quoted from the First Book of Enoch. So who was this man whose writings are not included in the Old Testament? Enoch was the fifth generation after Seth and he was selected by God to write an account of life before the flood because of his love and faithfulness to the Lord. In fact, many of Jesus' statements in the New Testament are derived from the First Book of Enoch. The time period from the fall of Adam and Eve until Noah's flood was 1,676 years. This is a considerable amount of time for the human race and yet most people are ignorant about this turbulent era. This is significant because Jesus told us that life in the end times would revert back to the way it was in the days of Noah when evil reigned on the earth.

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